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Giving us a glimpse at their debut self-titled CD Happenstance has pre-released their new single “Gone Baby Gone” as a taste of what is to come.

I really enjoyed the song. There is a lack of credible rock acts with female lead singers – Paramore being the most obvious example tend to err more towards pop rock. In this way the Canadian band is a breath of fresh air and at certain points during ‘Gone Baby Gone’ reminds me of L7, which is never a bad thing.

While there isn’t really much substance to the lyrics it is definitely a song you can sing along with after a few listens and the hook is guaranteed to be stuck in your head for a while. 

We are treated to some lovely powerful vocals from Emily Lamarche really giving it everything she’s got. There’s a hint of country and western about her which is broken up by a solid guitar performance, leading to an interesting combination of styles. 

When you see the line up on stage it’s easy to dismiss them as a heavier version of the Corrs but when you listen through their back catalogue you can see that Happenstance are more geared towards rock than folk.

‘Gone Baby Gone’ by Happenstance is easy to listen to and a testament to a really talented band, however although it sounds unique in today’s pop dominated charts there’s a familiarity to it which could either help or hinder them in trying to define their musical niche.


Review by John Patterson (i4 Entertainment Blogger)

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